The Lord Is Pleased

The age in which we are living calls for decided reforms. Christ has declared that all who will be His disciples must turn away from self-indulgence, and with self-renunciation bear the cross and follow in His footsteps. "What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Those who come out from the world, from its policies and its confederacies, and attempt to carry forward the work of reform, will need the help of the Spirit of God. Having determined what true reform is, carry it forward with earnestness and perseverance, determined not to fail nor be discouraged. Every one who carries forward reformatory action will meet with apparent losses in some lines, and decided victories in other lines. No educational institution can place itself in opposition to the errors and corruptions of this degenerate age without receiving threats and insults. But time will place such an institution upon an elevated platform. Having the assurance of God that they have acted right, the managers can say, "It is no disgrace to us if others are unable to understand our motives; for they judge us from their own standpoint."

The Lord is pleased with the effort that is being made to carry forward our school work on right lines. I believe that the meetings we have been holding will have an influence upon the minds of our people all over the world. Let us from henceforth be careful of our words. God is preparing a people to meet Him in peace. By the mighty cleaver of truth He has separated us from the world, and has placed us in His workshop to be hewed and polished and made fit for a place in His temple.

RH, May 7, 1901